David and Paula Tarbet have served Churches of Christ in Connecticut, New Mexico and Texas. After 50 years of preaching and teaching, they decided to serve the Lord’s church in New Milford, Connecticut as well as congregations in other parts of the northeast United States. In Connecticut David serves as Minister of Evangelism at the New Milford Church of Christ. Both David and Paula are committed to bringing souls to Christ and nurturing new Christians in their faith.

They have four children: David Paul (married to Mary Beth), Timothy Brian (married to Renee), Joanna (married to Chris Hale) and Judith (married to Marcus Mayerhofer). They have nine grandchildren.

Links: http://christfortoday.org; http://whiterockfund.org; http://nmchurchofchrist.org

E-mail Address: dtarbet@swbell.net

1 Response to About

  1. Elaine Randall says:

    Thank you David and Paula for all your hard work for the Lord. We miss you both! Praying for you always. Elaine

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